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Waste sacks

Produced with recycled film but very strong, waste sacks are ideal for office, garden and building rubbish. Clear waste sacks are ideal for office usage as it is trasparent and will ensure only the correct type of items are put in the sack. Black sacks offer the perfect balance between bag strength and price budget. To get rid of building materials left over in your garden there is also a ultra thick rubble sack able to hold up to 40kg!
Manufacturers and suppliers of waste sacks include:

Bin bags

A bin bag is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish. They offer a convenient and sanitary way of handling rubbish and are widely used. Rubbish bags are fairly lightweight and are particularly useful for messy or wet garbage.
For radioative or clinical waste specialist sacks are also available with specific printed warnings.
Manufacturers and suppliers of bin bags include:

Bin liners

Bin liners are useful to line the insides of rubbish containers to prevent it from becoming coated in waste material. Most bags these days are made out of polythene and are typically green or black in colour. There are also eco-friendly versions of bin liners made with biodegradable plastic or starch based.
Manufacturers and suppliers of bin liners include:

Eco friendly alternatives

Although cosidered to be bad for the environment polythelene is a very efficient form of packaging with a low carbon footprint and the advantage of using low energy for recycling The following sites specialise in eco-friendly packaging:

You might also be interested in the following environmentally-friendly packaging sites:

waste sacks

Alternative packaging

There are many types of packaging all for specific uses. To obtain information about other types of polythene bags or polythene film, visit:

Research and resources

For more detailed information on bin bags, bin liners and waste sacks including how they are manufactured and the different types of packaging products available, please see:

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